About Surgeonline - Cost

No registration or establishment fees apply. Providers are free to create an account, log in to our Members' Area and explore all the features the site has to offer.

The following table outlines our Transaction Fees for both the Standard and Data Entry services. Both levels of service include full access to our Members' Area where you can submit and monitor your invoices, log payments, view financial summaries, customise your billing settings and contact our support staff should you need assistance. The Data Entry service also allows you to simply email, fax or post us your patient stickers instead of entering the data yourself by hand.

Standard Data Entry
Transaction Fee 2% per invoice 3% per invoice
Minimum Fee $4.00 per invoice $6.00 per invoice
Debt Collection Fee $30.00 per invoice
Referral Credit $25.00 per colleague
All fees quoted are ex-GST

The standard Surgeonline Transaction Fee for submitting an invoice is considerably lower than other billing services. This is because Surgeonline doesn't have data entry or debt collection components built in to our standard Transaction Fee. Surgeonline believes that members should be able to choose whether they wish to perform these clerical components themselves.

For more details on the Referral Credits you can earn with our Email and Verbal Referral systems, visit the About Surgeonline - Referrals page.