The vast majority of Surgeonline invoices are paid in full automatically, so we are able to offer a standard Transaction Fee that is far lower than other billing services. Debt Collection is then available on a per-invoice basis, ensuring you only pay for outstanding claim resolution when it is needed.

When choosing a billing service, it is vital to know that your claims are a) being calculated at the highest possible rate, and b) being paid in full. Be wary of billing services with opaque or immature invoice calculation systems. Surgeonline's Invoice Calculation Engine is the most highly developed system available and gives you full visibility from claim calculation right through to ECLIPSE reporting.

If you would like to test our system, there are no registration or setup fees, so you are free to create an account, log in to our Members’ Area and explore all the features Surgeonline has to offer.

Standard Data Entry
Transaction Fee 
2% per invoice
3% per invoice
Minimum Fee 
$4 per invoice
$6 per invoice
Debt Collection 
$30 per invoice
Referral Credit
$25 per colleague
All fees quoted are exclusive of GST