About Surgeonline - Billing Process

The following table outlines the steps involved in the Surgeonline Billing Process.

The Surgeonline Billing Process
The provider logs in to the Surgeonline website and enters their patient and operation data.
The provider sends their billing sheets to Surgeonline to be entered on their behalf.
1% Fee
Invoices are generated by Surgeonline's invoice calculation engine and transmitted electronically via Medicare's ECLIPSE Online Claiming System to Medicare, Health Funds and the DVA.  Surgeonline posts paper invoices to WorkCover Agencies, Motor Accident Authorities, Third Party Insurers and Patients as necessary.
2% Fee
3 ECLIPSE Status and Processing Reports are retrieved and displayed automatically for all ECLIPSE claims.  The Processing Reports indicate the amounts that will be paid by the debtors along with any relevant explanatory notes.
4 As debtors make their payments, electronic remittance advice is retrieved automatically via ECLIPSE and payments are logged against the relevant accounts.  An intuitive Payments Received interface allows remittance advice received in the mail for paper invoices to be logged quickly and easily.
5 Receipts are automatically generated and posted by Surgeonline whenever payments from patients are logged.
6 A dedicated Reports interface linked in to the payments system allows outstanding invoices to be quickly identified.  These can be resubmitted if necessary free of charge.
The provider chases any outstanding accounts.
With a single click, the provider refers outstanding accounts to the Surgeonline office for debt collection.
$30.00 Fee
8 Outstanding accounts are paid and the provider logs the payment via Surgeonline's Payments Received interface.
9 Financial summaries broken down by financial year, month and day are available at any time via Surgeonline's Accounts interface.
10 Surgeonline sends the provider an itemised account at the end of each month for the above services.
All fees quoted are ex-GST