About Surgeonline - Referrals

Surgeonline's Email and Verbal Referral systems are a great way for you to introduce your colleagues to Surgeonline and save yourself money at the same time.

Every successful Email and Verbal Referral will earn you $25.00 credit on your next Surgeonline monthly account.

Sending an Email Referral is as simple as entering your colleague's name and email address and clicking Submit. Our servers will then send a single personalised invitation from you to your colleague outlining the services Surgeonline has to offer.

It can often be inconvenient having to find out colleagues' email addresses in order to refer them to Surgeonline. That's where Verbal Referrals come in. If you recommend Surgeonline to a colleague and ask them to mention your name when they register, Surgeonline will match up the name with you and treat the Verbal Referral just like an Email Referral.

A successful Email Referral is one that meets the following criteria:

Both Email Referrals and Verbal Referrals also require that: