Surgical Assisting - Requirements

In Australia, if you are a currently registered doctor, you are entitled to work as a private surgical assistant (if offered the position by an operating surgeon). You must, however, have an HIC issued provider number and an Australian Business Number issued by the Australian Taxation Office.

Each of these requirements can be easily obtained from within the Surgeonline Members' Area. (click here to begin your registration process)

We also recommend that you make contact with your medical defence association to check that you are insured to work as a private surgical assistant. This will differ depending on your current level of cover and the particular association with which you belong.

Be aware, also, that some defence associations consider a surgical assistant's involvement in obstetric and cosmetic procedures as a higher indemnity risk. Therefore, if you are offered some work as a surgical assistant in either of these areas, be sure to check your indemnity status before commencing.